Mobile Augmented Reality Hand Wash (MARHw): Mobile Application to Guide Community to Ameliorate Handwashing Effectiveness to Oppose Covid-19 Disease

Hafizul Fahri Hanafi, Mohd Helmy Abd Wahab, Kung-Teck Wong, Abu Zarrin Selamat, Muhamad Hariz Muhamad Adnan, Fatin Hana Naning
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“A Survey and Future Vision of Double Auctions-Based Autonomous Cloud Service Negotiations”

In "Recent Trends in Data Science and Soft Computing", "2019"
"Adnan, Muhamad Hariz

“Dynamic Pricing for Cloud Service Negotiation”

"Advanced Science Letters", "22"("10"): 2710—2714, "2016"
"Adnan, Muhamad Hariz Muhamad and Hassan, Mohd Fadzil"
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Protocols for agent-based autonomous negotiations: A review

In 2016 3rd International Conference on Computer and Information Sciences (ICCOINS), 2016
M. H. M. Adnan and M. F. Hassan and I. Aziz and I. V. Paputungan
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Myhealthykids: Intelligent obesity intervention system for primary school children

3rd International Conference on Digital Information Processing and Communications, ICDIPC 2013{booktitle}, 2013
Husain, W. and Adnan, M.H.M. and Ping, L.K. and Poh, J. and Meng, L.K.
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A framework of a childhood obesity intervention using persuasive web-mobile technology

In 2012 International Conference on Computer Information Science (ICCIS), 2012
Liew Kwei Ping and Jion Poh Poh and Law Kok Meng and W. Husain and M. H. Muhamad Adnan
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A hybrid approach using Naïve Bayes and Genetic Algorithm for childhood obesity prediction

In 2012 International Conference on Computer Information Science (ICCIS), 2012
M. H. B. Muhamad Adnan and W. Husain and N. Abdul Rashid
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Hybrid approaches using decision tree, Naïve Bayes, means and euclidean distances for childhood obesity prediction

International Journal of Software Engineering and its Applications, 6(3): 99—106, 2012
Adnan, M.H.M. and Husain, W. and Rashid, N.A.
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Implementation of Hybrid Naive Bayesian-Decision Tree for Childhood Obesity Predictions

(769) Modelling, Identification and Control / 770: Advances in Computer Science and Engineering - 2012
Muhamad Hariz B. Muhamad Adnan, Wahidah Husain, and Nur`Aini Abdul Rashid
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