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    Tips from 2018
    • All grants have its own reasons why its there and philosophy.
    • Last year 474m reduced to 374m (taken back by ministry)
    • This year, only 100m.
    • All grant same merit regardless IPTA or IPTS
    • FRGS – about fundamental research – everything must address the fundamental aspects
    • FRGS – Fundamental – how and why the results like that – the movement, behaviour inside mechanism.
    • FRGS – evaluated based on what written on paper no defence
    • PRGS – given a chance to defence.
    • ERGS – applied research. Stopped already because lack of money.
    • PRGS – pre-commercialization before commercialization by providing smaller fund of money (500m)
    • LRGS – still fundamental, but solving problem country is having, which is identified by government. (Around max 15m)
    • TRGS – fundamental research, work cross 3 clusters.
    • myLab grant – mohe give 15m for pre-comm, but need industrial partner to work from day 1. The partner will commercialize the product

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